About Tiki Vikings Slot

With its soothing soundtrack and summery visuals, Microgaming’s Tiki Vikings is an online slot game that will make you feel like a true Viking!

Game Symbols

If you enjoy small but frequent rewards, then the Viking slot machine is for you. The game’s low $0 .10 minimum bet and RTP of 96%. You’ll be rewarded often with unlockable symbols that can increase your bankroll!

Game Symbols

The 2019 release of the Tiki Vikings slot features three super cute Vikings on stage. The leader, Redbeard Viking, is followed by two other Guys Who Look Just as Good With Their Eyebrowsdrawn Together in Suspense and Instagramming sunglasses carrying a blonde one! Unfortunately, there are no wilds or scatters which can trigger bonus casino games, so you’ll have to be quick about it when collecting coins for prizes.

Exploring the Tiki Vikings Voyage

You don’t expect the Vikings to engage in elaborate adventures while on holiday. For this reason, Microgaming created straightforward rules for playing the Tiki Viking slot machine with only 5 reel and 3-row gambling sessions that are open-ended; you can win up to $250 per spin! A single pay line will allow players like yourself who match three symbols side by side – alike down the spine–to receive lucrative prizes at no cost between 0 credits each time played (although there’s always something better than nothing). Place your bets starting from 10 cents US dollar bill per click/line active during gameplay.

Bonus Features

The bonus round is full of special features.

When you land a winning combination of 3 Tiki Vikings symbols, they stay in position, and an additional re-spin follows. If fortune is with us again during this round, then more will lock into place, turning what was originally just one symbol into many! This cycle continues until new winners cannot be found on the reel’s slots – creating even greater rewards for those who play their hearts out (and maybe have some alcohol).

When you win a combination, your Symbol Upgrade Meter will fill up. If it reaches the value of 100%, then all locked symbols from before are upgraded and turn into something better! An example would be when Redbeard Viking becomes Tiki Vikings logo A specific way to gain these upgrades is by landing on certain spaces in games like panel Kaplanified or NetEnt’s Live Casino modes.


You’ll be happy to know that this Microgaming title has some of the most laid-back Vikings you’ll ever meet. They aren’t in such a hurry, so there’s no need for huge wins when betting on them! The highest possible payout is 300 times your bet – but doesn’t worry because even if it doesn’t happen absolutely all at once (which would take pretty lucky!), you can still earn fortunes worth up 75% more than what was originally wagered thanks just one combination from Redbeard Viking himself.

Tiki Vikings on Mobile

Tiki Viking has been designed with a fluid layout that adapts intuitively to different screen sizes, whether on your desktop computer or mobile device. This means you can enjoy all of its features and benefits no matter what type of technological gadget suits you best!


Tiki Vikings is an easy-to-play slot with little action and simple features. If you’re looking for lots of excitement, this isn’t your tea! It has low variance in its payouts, which means that chances are slimming if anything happens on any given spin – but they will be beautifully rendered thanks to the incredible visuals found throughout these games (and soothing soundtrack too).