Nostradamus Prophecy Slot Review

The future is something we cannot control, but Nostradamus online slot game gives you a small taste of what’s to come. The cold hard cash may not be there yet, but at least with these machines, our readers can get their hands on some serious wealth!

The future is yours to make happen, just like in the movie 2012. But instead of beingRoom Nineteen or some other Nostradamus-style prediction machine, you can bet on these slots where all your wild cards turn into real money after each spin!

About Nostradamus Slot Game

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Nostradamus isn’t just an ordinary name that Playtech came up with. It’s the French fortune teller who has made accurate predictions about future events, and it seems he didn’t see this coming either because there are video slots based on his legacy!

Nostradamus slot(s) has the potential of paying more than its protagonist could have predicted. It offers three bonus games that ensure you bag hefty cash prizes, and while there are several fortune-teller-themed slots out on this marketplace (and they’re all rather cliché), this one breaks away from those themes by having an easy playability rating with visually appealing display graphics!

The Nostradamus slot machine is powered by Playtech’s latest and greatest random number generator. This means that the game’s results are unpredictable, making it hard for players like you to tell where symbols will fall in place!

Players can find symbols associated with Nostradamus in the game. These include his famous book and telescope, such as hourglasses or parchments scroll – all of which have great value when landing five on an active payline! If you’re looking for some good luck, too, then be sure not to forget about our favourite guy Michel de nose mate (Michel), who will give up 500x your bet if one lands next to him 🙂

The game has card value symbols including A, KQJ and 10. These cards are beautifully presented with an animation background that includes nothing much to look forward to as it’s just static images on top of music strings sounding like violins or harps while play moves along nicely without hiccups!

Playtech has been around since the early 2000s, and they continue to put out some of our favourite games. One such game is the Nostradamus slot which was released in 2013 when mobile technology was still in its infancy, so if you’re looking for Playtech slots that’ll be updated with new features regularly or have an older phone, then this might work well!

Nostradamus Online Slot Gameplay

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The Nostradamus slot game is one of the most lucrative. This 5-reel, 50-pay line offering offers players 2 chances per line to win up $300K! With a maximum bet size at only 1/4th what it takes for an American football field’s worth (or 3 soccer pitches), there will always be more than enough funds available should you run low during your session playing this awesome video poker duplicate from NetEnt Software Ltd.

Well, this game you can play for hours on end and not get bored. It has an immense amount of options which means there’s always something new coming up!

The minimum bet for this slot game is $0.25, which makes it a very nice choice if you have your conservative strategy going on and want to wager only small amounts of money at any given time (and without getting too excited). However, let me tell you – even with my low-paying job as an underpaid civil servant here, I can still easily afford more than one play-through! So go ahead: make those dreams come true while also saving up cash flow towards something better later down the line.

The following steps will guide you through the process of playing the Nostradamus slot game.

  1. Select how much you’d like to wager on the 243 pay lines
  2. Since the pay lines are active at all times, just click on the spin button to get the reels spinning
  3. Wait for the results and see how much you’ve won

Nostradamus Slot Game In-Game Features

The game of Nostradamus slot machine has 243 different ways to win, but it also features five bonuses. The first bonus selection is the Born To Lose feature that guarantees players will lose their initial bet. Next up on this list are two Rs symbols forming a straight flush; these payouts occur with any three matching icons across all positions within your active lines or windows (a 9/6 probability). Another winning chance comes from four Aces appearing together in one frame – see if they match before time runs out!

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The moon is a wild symbol in the game, and it will fill your wins just like any other. The scatter pieces are represented by planet earth and Nostradamus’s book to activate bonuses from those two locations- bonus rounds where you can win big!

Nostradamus Predictions Feature

The Nostradamus prediction game is fun to get your mind working and stay on track, spinning the wheel will offer you three different modifiers based on natural disasters, like floods or earthquakes!

  • The first one is the Earthquake modifier. Once active, it makes a few symbols on the reels disappear and substitutes them with enhanced symbols.
  • The lightning modifier will see lightning striking on a random reel. In the process, it will convert four symbols into wilds, giving you more winning opportunities
  • Lastly, there’s the Tsunami modified that will turn every symbol on reels 1, 2 and 3 into stacked wilds.

Planets Bonus Feature

The Planet scatter symbol is a special bonus game that can be triggered by landing on reels 1, 3 and 5. When this occurs, you will see six planets orbit around the sun with prizes attached to each one of them if they are active pay lines when stopped – usually giving out multipliers or cash rewards!

Prophecy Book Bonus Round

This is one of the best bonuses we liked, making the Nostradamus slot a special oracle-themed game. This feature has been included specifically to take care of those who don’t have much money on their wallet when playing this game so they can enjoy all features without paying too much! To activate it, you only need to wager $5 per spin – but if you are lucky, then each time there’s a prophecy book symbol in winning, combination will give extra cash bac.

Nostradamus Prophecy Slot Free Spins

The more globes you land on this game, the better. triggers free spins and modifiers depending on how many there are!

  • Three globe symbols will award you five (5) free spins and one (1) reel modifier
  • Four globe symbols will award you ten (10) free spins and two (2) reel modifiers
  • Five globe symbols will ensure you are awarded fifteen (15) free spins and three (3) reel modifiers

Predict the Future in Demo Mode

Try out the Nostradamus Prophet slot for free to get an idea of what it’s like before betting your real-life money! There are many features in this review that you can test, such as graphics and sound effects. You’ll also be able to form opinions on these aspects with our helpful tools here at Slotastic, so give them all a try today!

Good Tidings Await In The Stars & Nostradamus Slot – Play It Today Online

The Nostradamus Prophecy slot is a good-looking game that will appeal to most players who enjoy oriental-themed slots. The bonus selection and in-game features make this an awesome experience because you can win big with it, thanks to its super bonuses! There are free spins out rightfully awarded after every winning round as well, which just adds more incentive for playing fast-paced games like these where your chances at victory seem inevitable – until they’re gone forever due to another player taking all those points from under yours or even worse – both balls turning up striped by wild symbols appearing simultaneously on the screen which means two different pay lines had been activated.