4 seasons overview

Betsoft has created an immersive slot that feels like you’re in the Chinese zodiac. 4 Seasons is full of bonus features and payouts for fans who love free spins! Every time this scatter symbol appears on your screen while playing, whether it triggers or not, there are 20 people lined up waiting to take off with them at any given moment, especially thanks to their season wheel that comes to life every spring when you click on it. Does someone like simple games without too much fuss, OR do they want flashy games of chance that may not be found anywhere else?

Introducing the brand new Annual Online Game of the Season! This is your chance to get rewarded for playing every day. You can play anytime and win great prizes like cash or points you use to buy items in stores across your city (or country)! The more days you play during a calendar year, the more rewards await those who try their luck with us on New Year’s Eve. How to play? Each turn, choose a card from our deck until someone draws an ace; they then automatically take over control of gameplay until next January 1st, when everything resumes as usual…but only if no one gets enough success during those 12 months.

The cutest gaming symbols


In the 4 Seasons slot machine, you can find a variety of symbols on the reels. These include cute critters with smiling features, big ears and cat-like eyes!

In this game, you will find beautiful and deep symbols of Chinese philosophy, yin-yang, symbolized by gold or a golden cat.

Badges pay 50, 20 and 10 for five of a kind. Instead, the fourth icon is worth four points but only gives 3 matching chips in total, which means that it’s not as beneficial to choose this option when playing online against opponents who may have different card values ​​than you because their hands can have more cards. Valuable studs or lower value close-knit pairs such as rhombuses or hearts.

The wild golden cat is a great substitute for all other symbols on the reels, but when combined with this symbol, it is even better. Get five of these elusive cats, and you can expect to win 10K!

The free spins round on offer is played at the same stake as your triggering spin. Beware of additional options to activate them at this stage! You will have 8, 12 or even 20 extra rounds if you manage 3 badge scatters; 4 are required to earn these high payouts, and they don’t award anything themselves – their only purpose is to give users extra fun by sending users to wildly spinning casinos where everything seems possible again.


The game is played according to the scheme 5×3 with 30 paylines. To start experiencing this wonderful change of seasons, you need to set your bets correctly and choose the coin size to be used for each spin – it ranges from £0 to £150!

Max Bid is your button if you are max bidding. The autoplay option will send your spins to automatic mode, where it’s all about luck!

Wheels of Fate

4 Seasons gameplay is sharpened with an innovative wheel, as is your winning potential. The 12 symbols representing each Chinese zodiac animal are engraved with 30 rotations that will mark the end of the month; when this happens, another seasonal feature becomes available to play, located in the lower left corner below the reels (facing you). Gold badges become silver, and other metals are replaced next to them: bronze becomes gray-brown, and copper becomes black. The two images opposite the gold ones show what else can materialize from these four combinations – 3 others appear just below the middle section, where they are labelled “bronze.”

A gold icon is worth 10 times more than a silver or bronze icon, so it’s no surprise that these three currencies have been carefully selected to represent the most expensive ones.

Gold cord, silver cord and bronze rings mark the animal badge with multipliers attached.

Toward the end of each season, you will find a cool seasonal transition. The background of the game changes to reflect your next winter or summer!

Spin the wheel and explore different locations, from winter drifts to summer blooms. Free games do not count towards the next day or season!

Gambling function

The gamble feature is an interesting addition to this slot machine. You can double your payout if you guess correctly, but there is always a risk of losing everything due to a wrong guess!

Block wins

The more stacked symbols you have, the higher your chances of winning with multipliers from 2x to 10X! Badges can appear anywhere on these reels and awarded these prizes if they appear.


The slot has impressive 3D graphics and interesting features that make it worth checking out. There is also an impressive free games bonus round called Happy Room. You can enjoy this happy hour by listening to a track from China!