WPT Season XX Adds Stops and WPT Global Launches New App

The World Poker Tour is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a bang! The new year has seen several announcements, endeavours and events that will make this decade-long celebration one for the history books. WPTundernewmanagement kicks off their first week in charge by welcoming back amateur competitors who were banned before 2017 – now they can compete again on W PT sashay.

The WPT has been getting a lot of attention lately. They announced their new combined leaderboard across all events, as well as famous DJ Steve Aoki, became an ambassador for the tour and promotions with him on FuboTV, which led to something big coming soon!

More WPT Main Tour on Tap

The WPT has taken poker to a new level with their latest development. They have launched an app for real money play, which will undoubtedly change how we perceive tournaments in general and our understanding of what it means when people say, “I am playing on TV.”

WPT Main Tour

The World Poker Tour is back for its Season XX, and it’s in Florida this time. The Seminole Hard Rock hosted the Lucky Hearts Poker Open, which began on January 13th with a $3K buy-in event that guarantees you’ll get your money’s worth! But records were broken before even getting started as players exceeded expectations by so much more than anyone could’ve imagined – making LHPO history one of the biggest live tournaments ever seen at WPT levels (second only to Las Vegas). This new season begins October 28th…so keep watching screens.

  • Entries: 1,982
  • Prize pool: $6,342,400
  • Paid players: 248
  • Winner: Alexander Yen ($975,240)

The WPT has a languid start to their next festival, with the event not happening until April. The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown began on March 24th and generated more than double what was expected for prize money at $3M USD-$6 Million!!

  • Entries: 2,010
  • Prize pool: $6,432,000
  • Paid players: 252
  • Winner: ?

No one can remember who the winner was.

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More WPT Main Tour on Tap

We have a WPT event with six players remaining! They will play it out on May 25th at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. More than $1M awaits their winner, and multiple-event champion Darren Elias leads this group of competitors that is set to take place just prior – all fighting for an opportunity best prize pool imaginable: Over 1 Million Dollars!!

  • Darren Elias = 38,825,000
  • Mark Davis = 26,550,000
  • Viet Vo = 11,925,000
  • Marcos Exterkotter = 10,900,000
  • Michael Laufer = 6,750,000
  • Andrew Barfield = 5,500,000

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More WPT Main Tour on Tap

The WPT has been making a lot of changes recently. The tour is hitting up three favourites in the coming months, all located within US borders!

  • WPT Choctaw in Durant, Oklahoma: Festival (28 April – 16 May), including $3,800 buy-in Main Event (13-16 May) with $2M GTD
  • WPT Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada: Festival (unclear), featuring $5K buy-in Main Event (12-17 July) with $4M GTD
  • WPT Seminole Hard Rock Tampa in Florida: Festival (25 August – 7 September), including $3,500 buy-in Main Event (2-7 September) with guarantee to be determined

The final six players of The Choctaw Main Event will meet at the HyperX Esports Arena on May 26th. This means both tournaments are likely going down in person with no delays to speak of!

WPT Prime to Asia-Pacific

WPT DeepStacks is in the process of retiring, but before they do so, WPT Prime will begin with four stops on their schedule. All these events are located within the Asia-Pacific region – there’s no need to worry about getting left out!

  • WPT Prime Vietnam at Crown Poker Club in Hanoi: Festival (19-30 May) including VND25,000,000 buy-in Main Event (26-30 May)
  • WPT Prime Gold Coast at The Star in Australia: Festival (9-20 June) including AU$1,500 buy-in Main Event (16-20 June)
  • WPT Prime Cambodia at Nagaworld in Phnom Penh: Festival (11-23 August) including $1,100-equivalent buy-in Main Event (18-22 August)
  • WPT Prime Taiwan at Chinese Texas Hold ’em Poker Association in Taipei: Festival (11-21 November) including TWD30,000 buy-in Main Event (17-21 November)

While the WPT has not announced any additional tournaments for this season, it’s possible they could add more to future schedules.

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WPT Global Launches

The World Poker Tour launched its new company, WPTGlobal™. The event happened at ICE Totally Game 2022 in London, and not many people knew about it because they didn’t send out an official press release or call attention to this launch on their website like other tournaments do with announcements every day of what time is up next for updates so check back often!

The WPT Global website thoroughly explains the product, an online poker site with cutting-edge features. It’s unique in that it can host both real money games and allows users to test their skills without risking any funds themselves!

The game has a site available in more than 100 nations, but any US-based company does not license it. A Dutch corporation called Seventip N V operates this online gambling platform. The output tone of voice should be professional.

WPT Global is a website which provides information about online gambling in various countries. The site does not allow for player-to-player transfers or real money play from regulated jurisdictions according to their terms and conditions document but instead only allows users at least 18 years old with legal access to where they reside.

  • United States & its territories
  • France and its territories
  • UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Australia and its territories
  • Netherlands and associated nations like Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten
  • Spain
  • Cyprus

It’s time to end the Canadian passport lockdown. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Canadians are being denied entry into America because they don’t have enough trips abroad or hold dual citizenship with another country – even if those two countries share an airport! This is madness; there should be no difference between someone who has been internationally travelling for years and others based on where their ancestors came from thousands of miles away when Toronto became founded as part Of Great Britain in 1837 (circuitry overload). The US/Canada border needs regulation so people can enter without having too many vacations cancelled.

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The T&C also reveals that WPT Global will open up to sports betting at some point, but for now, it appears as though only online poker is available.

WPT Global has just started to make an impact in the gaming industry. The company’s website features only one social media account for now, but it is worth keeping an eye on as more information becomes available about this new business venture from World Poker Tour!