President’s Message, 2013-14


CSSR President’s message

Welcome to the Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric (CSSR), a scholarly society dedicated to the study of rhetoric in the broadest possible terms. We welcome scholars from a wide range of disciplines: music, communications, literature, history, medieval and renaissance studies, political science, philosophy, etc…  The society provides a forum of exchange for everything rhetorical, and we publish an on-line biennial journal (Rhetor) of peer-reviewed rhetoric scholarship.

Message du Président SCÉR

Bienvenue à la Société canadienne pour l’étude de la rhétorique (SCÉR), une société savante consacrée à l’étude de la rhétorique au sens le plus large. Nous accueillons les chercheurs de diverses disciplines: musique, communication, la littérature, l’histoire, études médiévales et de la Renaissance, sciences politiques et philosophie, etc.). La société constitue  un forum d’échange pour tout ce qui concerne la rhétorique et nous éditons une revue bisannuelle en ligne (Rhetor) avec évaluation des articles par des spécialistes.

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CSSR 2015 Conference – Call for Proposals

The Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric (CSSR) invites members to submit proposals for papers to be presented at its annual conference, to be held in conjunction with the Canadian Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities’ Congress 2015 ( at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON., June 3-5, 2015.

La Société Canadienne pour l’Étude de la Rhétorique (SCÉR) invite ses membres à soumettre des propositions de communication pour son Congrès annuel qui se tiendra en même temps que le Congrès 2014 de la Fédération Canadienne des Sciences Humaines ( à l’Université d’Ottawa, Ontario, du 3 au 5 juin 2015.

Download the PDF: CSSR-Conference-CFP-2015.pdf

Update: Rhetoric lecturer position at U of Saskatchewan

This updated announcement has a new file attachment including more details on the position.

The College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK) is inviting applications for a full-time limited term lecturer in the discipline of rhetorical communication for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Updated file Aug. 19: Lecturer-at-Graham-School-UofS.pdf

CFP: Rhetoric in the Knowledge Society, Poland, 2015

Call for proposals:  Fifth “Rhetoric in Society” Conference (RiS 5) entitled “Rhetoric in the Knowledge Society”

University of Warsaw, Poland, 24-27 June, 2015

The Rhetoric Society of Europe, Polish Rhetorical Society, and Italian Language Department of the University of Warsaw invite submissions to the conference “Rhetoric in the Knowledge Society.”

The ideal of sapere aude (“do dare to know”) has been known since antiquity. However, the conceptualization of the Knowledge Society is relatively recent. Knowledge, as one of the key concepts in modern society, may also be viewed from a rhetorical perspective. Knowledge is created within discourses and articulated in texts. These texts contribute to creating the very concept of knowledge and its internal qualifications such as scientific and non-scientific knowledge. The texts persuade the audience to various knowledge claims and dissuade it from others.

The goal of the conference is to articulate ways in which knowledge is conceptualized and made manifest through different rhetorical practices in various contexts of communication within society. We invite papers that address at least one of the two notions of ‘rhetoric’: rhetoric as an object of analysis and rhetoric as a theoretical and methodological framework. Rhetoric as an object of analysis may include, e.g., texts constitutive of academic discourse, scientific popularization, expert discourse, lay discourse on knowledge and dealing with knowledge, as well as representations of knowledge in literature, advertising, art, or humor. Rhetoric as a theoretical and methodological framework encompasses the conceptual and methodological tools elaborated within the long tradition, from the Aristotelian naturalist model of rhetoric to modern developments and innovative approaches that foster the theoretical progress of the discipline.

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CSSR Members’ Directory now online

As a subscriber to our email list, you may have received an email called “Registration” this afternoon. (See Note 1 below.)

All current CSSR/SCÉR members and subscribers on our MailChimp email list have been added to the new public Members Directory. (See Note 2 below.)

However, your new public profile has no information in it except your first name and an automatically created icon. As your webmaster, all I could do is register you as a user using the name and email address we have on file. We currently have 92 subscribers.

If you would like to be listed in the directory with your full name and additional information, please update your own password and profile:

  1. If you want to create a new (memorable) password, go to the Members>Log in page. Under the “Log In” button, click “Forget Password?” and enter your email address and click the “Send me password” button. Look for an incoming email called “Reset your password,” which will provide a secure link just for you.
  2. To create (or edit) your profile, go to the Members>My Account page. Under your profile icon, click the “Profile” button. Then scroll down the page until you can see “My Profile” fields with blank spaces where you can enter your information.

Use the same steps whenever you wish to edit your password or profile. These instructions will always be available on the Members page in the main menu.

*Note 1: Registration email: Apologies for the odd symbols & characters in the registration email — the free WordPress plugin I am using does not display characters such as É in SCÉR, making it look like SCÉR.

*Note 2:  About the Members’ Directory: At the 2014 AGM this year, we voted to create a public directory of members on the CSSR/SCÉR website.  This was proposed by the Webmaster (Tania Smith) as a more efficient option than creating and managing a separate members-only website.

Graduate Student Prize, CSSR Conference 2014

Graduate Student Prize, CSSR Conference 2014

Prix de la meilleure communication présentée par un/e étudiant/e gradué/e, Colloque de la SCÉR 2014

The award this year went to two presenters ex aequo / Il y a cette année deux lauréat/es ex aequo:

  • Julie Dainville, Université Libre de Bruxelles,  for / pour “Le genethliakon dans la poésie de Sulpicia : une transgression érotique”


  • Brandon William Kyle, Louisiana State University, for/pour “William of Ockham’s rhetoric of statism: Petrine supremacy and secular government in the late Middle Ages

Their revised papers will be published in Rhetor, the Society’s journal. / Leurs communications seront publiées dans Rhetor, la revue de la Société.

Congratulations to both. / Félicitations à tous les deux.